website floFlorian was born in Haiti from a haitian mother and a german father. He grew up in the caribbean and in central america. He earned in 2010 a master degree in biology from the university of Freiburg. Florian specialized in Plant physiology and stem cells. After the Haitian earthquake, he worked in Haiti with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations providing humanitarian assistance. “In Haiti” is Florian’s first documentary film. He is currently working in Laos, making Videos about sustainable forest management for “The Forest Trust”.






Fabian websiteFabian  just finished his diploma degree in theoretical physics, and will start a PhD soon. He has backpacked in many countries, however, he describes his Haitian trip as the most intense and memorable journey of his life.








Mail AttachmentMoritz studied graphic design in Freiburg, Germany. He graduated in 2009 with the font family “Nautinger” as his masterpiece. Since 2010 he works as freelance graphic designer and type designer, and runs a small label for screen printed and handmade clothing and stuff.







Silke studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, Germany and spent her exchange year at the Academy of Fine Arts Cracow, Poland. Since her graduation in 2008 she works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Besides that she runs the label Café Lala, for handpulled screenprint apparel and printart.

The graphic designers Moritz Esser and Silke Jaspers share the studio Die Alte Blechnerei at Freiburg, Germany.

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